30+ Funny Snake Images and the Best of Snake Memes

With the world now turning to the internet for discussion and socializing, the use of memes has skyrocketed. Not only do memes crack us up, providing comic relief, but they have been instrumental in relieving heightened emotions over chaotic uncertainties. Now a meme of a pet you absolutely love, that’s the holy grail.

Now, let’s uncover the best snake memes.


Ball python morphs offer a fascinating variety of snakes, especially in color variation. Even if snakes aren’t a go-to pet for you, an adorable blue-eyed leucistic ball python will melt your fears and heart away. Just look at that. You want to cuddle the not so little fellow.

An outfit bomb

You are ready. The outfit is Oscar-worthy, your spirits and confidence are through the roof, and just as you are about to slip out, you hear your mother.” Sweetie, you better put a coat or sweater on unless you want Jack Frost nipping at your buds.” Yes, we have all heard that before. And, no, it isn’t an option, so you grumpily run-up for a sweater and probably slither off like this snake.


Well, I already look like an angel. I’ll just sneak into heaven, and no one will get a whiff of me. Adorable snake costumes are mind-blowing. Those wings look so well done. If I walked in, I’d be asking for wings myself so that we can sneak into heaven together.

Cool down, here’s some food.

Ball pythons have a tendency to wrap themselves around everything. She must be simply reminding you that it is dinner time. We all know how hunger and anger are easily interchangeable. Well, your python has you back. Time to cookie!

Easter Snakey

My teacher told me no dream is too big, and no one is too small to dream. Voila! Easter snakey it is. I even got adorable bunny ears to complete the look. Mummy, can I wear this on Halloween too. I think the bunnies will be in for a treat. Wink. Wink.

Par-hiss Hilton

When five minutes turned into two hours of makeup, and now that you are done, the girls are nowhere to be found. Well, SSSSally, with or without you, I’m painting the city red. If this hat doesn’t give you a hint, then you must be blind.


The fact that snakes don’t laugh makes this so hilarious. Stop it! Stop it! Please, Jenny, I have no bladder control. I’m going to make a mess of myself. Staaaaaaaaahp!

She looks like she’s had an itch for a decade that she couldn’t reach herself, and thank the gods someone did.

Snake game play

Can you remember this snake gameplay? The more blocks he ate, the longer he became, and the trick was ensuring he doesn’t run into himself. Those were good old days. This game was so consuming. Playing it with your friends and trying to see who got the longest snake that didn’t run into itself was the ultimate game.

Maybe our snake needs an update; PS5 now rules.

Snake pun

If snakes had a show that featured Jim Carrey, this is something he would definitely say. And you know the joke is really funny when the comedian laughs after saying it. I can hear the third image, and it sounds something like Janice from the show Friends.

Run little mouse

When you have a vague idea, but you don’t hit the nail on the head, this is how it looks. For example, thinking the greatest pop musician of all time is Beyonce Knowles when it is clearly Elvis Presley. You are on the right path, but not quite there yet.

Mi casa es su casa

An unlikely house owner gets the door. You go over to your friend’s house, and one of their parents let you go upstairs. After all, it’s not your first time there. After politely knocking, you try the handle and surprise! This adorable face lets you in with a “Mi casa es su casa” expression written all over their adorable face.

Adorable head wrap, anyone?

You are lazing around in the house doing your chores, but your hair keeps getting in your face. You need a scrunchie. Why get one when your ball python can have your hair up in a knot? Neat, right. You get to enjoy bonding time, and your slithering friend binds up in a knot in your hair conveniently. It’s a win-win.

When you are a charmer, and the ladies particularly enjoy the European accent. Ladies love a guy with a foreign accent, especially the European accent. The allure is supposedly undeniable for some ladies. This snake isn’t going home alone tonight. 

A plea too Nicki Minaj

A quick note for Ms. Nicky Minaj: This anaconda is self-sufficient. He’s got the all in one vibe going on. Who would have thought it? We’d appreciate a second version of the phenomenal song that covers this gray area. 

Thank you in advance. 

You’re truly, 

Die-hard fan.

His and her’s

Equal representation is crucial for all species. For every ‘he’ ‘his’ ‘himself,’ there needs to be a ‘she’ ‘her’ ‘herself’. It’s only right. The snake species got the memo too. A wig and lashes would suffice as well.

Snakes on a Plane sequel

From the fantastic creators of Snakes on a Plane, we have a sequel that fans have been dying for; Snake in a Boot. We may have started production at a crawling pace, but the movie will soon hop onto your screens in no time. We will be featuring a notorious ball python making a bold fashion statement in not two but one ankle boot, coming soon.

Old school hip hop vibe

An arm draped over the open window, slowly but carefully adjusting the side-view mirror, is a hip butterscotch fellow by the name Snake-snare. His cool ride is the talk of the town. Print over skin has never looked better. Booming through the stereo was an old school favorite that had everybody nodding their head to the beat.

Oh, no!

This meme brings to mind the phrase, “Do not get high on your own supply.” Except this isn’t fun. Panic courses through your system as you imagine the sad yet laughable eulogy. We are here in the loving memory of Humphery, who dies tragically from a self-inflicted bite and accidentally poisoned himself. 

Someone better get poison control because I’m not going this way!


Imagine enjoying your shower, and someone forgets to knock and waltzes in. Excuse me, do you mind? And on your way out, by the drawer, someone forgot their manners. Can’t a snake just enjoy a dip away from prying eyes? Ssssseriously!

Python puns

When the nerdy snake in the enclosure makes a joke and fellow nerds crack up while the cool snakes look on unbothered. Imagine a funny python that enjoyed eating pie. That’s π². Two days later and Mamba is cracking up by the corner. What’s up? I finally got the joke.

Doodle hands on snakes

A while back, a curious person decided to draw doodle hands on a cute snake picture he found. He went ahead to share it over the internet, and it took the world in a storm. Thereafter, doodle wars began.

Snakes don’t always have the best reputation or adorable faces, but it turns out that all they needed were expressive arms and hands to make rib cracking snake memes.

Here are some of the hilarious ones.

The Chris Rock vibe

Hey girl. With that level of enthusiasm, even if the girl doesn’t know you, she will say hey back. It was said that confidence is attractive. I think you should get in front of a mirror and practice your moves. Whenever you feel like you aren’t getting there, think about this snake who could totally get your girl.


A penny for your thoughts. I don’t know who put doodle hands on the snake, but that looks like one emotional snake. Are you all alright? Are the kids doing alright at school?

How is the missus? This is the last donut, will you have it? When you’re ready to talk about it, I’m right here, buddy.

Uh-huh I see you

So, you didn’t do the dishes, after all. You know this look. You have been meaning to get to the dishes all day, but another snake with doodle hands on them just kept popping up, and you couldn’t stop scrolling. Well, busted! Some ssssilent treatment will do you some good.

Under my Umbrella

Dancing in the rain was blaring in the background. Remember when all awesome RnB songs had a scene in the rain. This was perhaps one of those moments for this snake. Nothing beats enjoying a quiet happy moment in the rain.

Give me five, man.

How about a fist bump? Nothing seals a deal better than a fist bump. Unless it’s a secret handshake, you have with your best friend. In an unrelated thought, what was really happening in this picture? Was someone going to punch a cobra in the nose?


You are walking into the house after a drink with your significant other on your birthday, and suddenly you hear a tiny squeak. Surprise! All of your friends and family with balloons and a huge cake even after you told him you were okay with a lowkey night-out with him. This is definitely the face you will make. Let’s not forget the table with presents in the back. Sob

My milkshake brings the boys to the yard

A little dab and some pretty flowers can sure make a girl look adorable. Thanks to TikTok, dancing has never been the same. There is always a dance trend taking over the internet. Better yet, just put on some music in the house and have some barefooted fun, whether anyone is watching or not and who knows, the boys may show up.

Sound of Hiss moment

This fellow definitely watched the Sound of Music. I can hear the symphony of voices backing her up. I bet there is ingratitude of children running about singing along beautifully. Maybe their father will like the snake and make her their stepmom. I cannot wait to see the happy ending.

Vegetarian Python

The rat or the mouse? I can’t decide. They both look voluptuous and tasty, but which one is more delicious? The mouse does look adorable. I can’t eat her; that would be wrong. But if I did, I wouldn’t have to hunt again for a week or so. Maybe I will just eat the rat then, or not. Turning vegetarian seems like a viable option.

Crazy gardener who talks to plants

Oh, Susan, why won’t you flower like Janice over there. Don’t be afraid. Take your time but don’t be too long. I know I can’t wait to see your beautiful lilac blossoms leaning into the sun. I’ll just prune and weed you as we wait. 

Everybody needs a dose of laughter every day. Suppose the source of laughter includes your favorite pet snake, that makes it even better. You are welcome to share your snake memes with other snake enthusiasts and us. 

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